Boat: EXCESS 12     Name: « MY EXCESS 12 »Route : Les Sables d’Olonne to Port Balis and Vilanova i la Geltrú
On 12th March, after several days of preparation, the crew of MY EXCESS 12 set sail from Les Sables d’Olonne to Port Balis. It was during their journey that the situation of the State of Alarm in Spain arose.They made stops at the ports of GijónA Coruña and Huelva to stock up on food and diesel and at one of these stops they carried out their first engine check. Once they had crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, they anchored in Almería and Alicante until they reached the port of Vilanova y la Geltrú, where they finally left the ship moored and the crew members returned home. 
Here you have some feedback from one of the crew members of the boat during their journey, MartinOutside: manoeuvring, mobility and circulation “It is a comfortable boat to manoeuvre thanks to its two helms, one on each side and very easy to switch port to starboard and vice versa. Having the steering stations at the stern allows you to see the mainsail with much more ease and good angle. In addition, not having the flybridge (less freeboard and windage) makes the boat easier to sail upwind and with tighter angles. The halyards, reefs and sheets are super close to the helm, and the electric winch makes it, having prepared the manoeuvre well, super safe. The mainsail can be raised quickly and comfortably, as well as the manoeuvre of putting it in and taking and releasing reefing lines. On the hardtop, as the boom is lower, the work on it becomes very easy too and it has the lazy jacks and lazy bag very well set, so the mainsail drops directly into the lazy bag. The code 0 is easy to roll and unroll. On this type of boat, it is always worth having one as they improve the performance of the boat and allow you to cruise at good speeds without having to rely on the engines. The mainsheet, having two separate lines, allows better tuning and limits the movement in long waves and little wind.”
“Leaving Les Sables d’Olonne and the Rompido (Huelva), we had some waves from the side, even from the bow, that made the boat “rock” a little bit. Raising the sails and setting the course a bit, the boat started to sail and allowed us to keep pulling miles, comfortably. Sailing with wind force 6 to 7 and waves of 3 to 4 meters passing Finisterre, the ship was responding very well. We were sailing with the support of the engine, 2 reefs in the mainsail one in the jib and the boat was sailing at 10 or 11 knots and we hit 15 and up to 17 knots of top speed. One of these waves hit us hard and made us skid and see the action of the autopilot that responded very well and accommodated the boat thoroughly.”
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 “The five o’clock Friday blows I let it go I got to let it go Iput on my weekend clothes Turn on the rock n’ rollThrow all our cares away It’s a ragtop day”- Jimmy Buffet / Ragtop Day
 Boat: EXCESS 12Route: Miami Boat Show to St Petersburg, Florida 
The EXCESS 12 was the most FUN sailing of allthe Boat of The Year testing after the last Annapolis boat show!” Mark Pilsbury, Editor. Cruising World Magazine
 Notes From Murray Yacht Sales Team Member Captain Dave Hibberd:“Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility to deliver the EXCESS 12 from the Miami Boat Show to MYS St. Petersburg. We covered just over 300 nautical miles and luckily got to experience the boat in a variety of conditions. Below is a list of my initial observations.” Sailing & Motoring:“The winds we encountered ranged from zero knots on the low end, were we had to obviously motor, all the way up to 22 knots on the high end, were we had 1 reef in the main and jib reefed to 80%. Under sail in all these conditions, the boat handled very well, and felt balanced at all times, achieving speeds up to around 9.5 knots. Under power the boat and engines performed well the entire trip, and achieved speeds up to 8 knots. The Excess12 sails very well and is well laid out from an ease of single handed point of view. I was able to easily furl sails and unfurl sails by myself at night! The main hoisted and doused very easily…great job on lazy jack placement.” Interior:“Well laid out and functional and very comfortable under sail!” 
 Meet the Captain: David Hibberd is a lifelong sailor having both raced and cruised extensively on sailboats: In 1996 I represented South Africa in the Olympic Games, sailing in the Laser class. Later in life I completed a circumnavigation by sailing around the world in my Lagoon 400 catamaran, SV Cool Runnings with my wife and two kids. I am a USCG Certified Master Captain, and hold a CASA Yacht Skippers License. I served in the South African Navy aboard a Strikecraft (guided missile fast attack ship). I have extensive experience cruising on both mono-hulls and catamarans, and am a professional delivery Captain with over 60,000 sea miles under my keel.” DAVID HIBBERDASSET & ANCHOR cid:image006.jpg@01D61CB6.FAFA46A0