New Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 is a Proper Yacht

May 2020 Sarah Parks

The new Oceanis 30.1 is the little sister to all of the boats in the Oceanis line but in particular it is most closely related to the 46.1 and 40.1. All three bear a strong next-generation family resemblance, with plumb bows, sawed-off transoms with large fold down swim platforms and a hard chine that runs the length of the hull.

It is one thing for the designers and engineers at Beneteau to create cruising boats at 40 and 46 feet that have everything a couple or family needs for long vacations on the water or  living aboard. But its something else all together to achieve this in a 30 footer. Yet, somehow, that is exactly what they have done.


The 30.1 has a hull that is just under 30 feet long and a beam that is just under 10 feet, although that beam runs all the way aft so there is a lot of space in the cockpit and in the after sections for living and storage space. Also, the  hull has a flat under the water profile so there is not a lot of volume below the waterline and this is even more apparent since the hulls narrow quite a lot below the hard chines. This shape is fast and easily driven; it is the chine that adds volume and thus interior living space.

Under the water, there are three keel options. Those who sail in deep water and want to maximize sailing performance will go for the deep bulb keel; this will also add to stability and to keeping the boat upright and sailing fast with no one on the rail. For those who live in shoal cruising grounds, you can opt for the shallow keel version. And for those who want to trailer the boat, you can have it with a keel-centerboard that also lets you explore very shallow coves and anchorages.  At 8,000 pounds, the 30.1 can be trailered behind a larger SUV or pickup truck.

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