DATE: April 29, 2010
TO: All Marine Distributors, Dealers, OEM Boat Builders and End Users
SUBJECT: Saildrive Corrosion
MODEL: All Saildrive Models
Yanmar America has received some reports from customers of unusual saildrive corrosion in the field.  Upon investigating these reports we have identified some installation and maintenance factors that can influence corrosion and in some cases failure of the drive leg.
To maximize assistance and knowledge in the field, Yanmar is outlining the following steps that must be taken by installers of saildrives (OEM Boat Builders and Distributors/Dealers performing repowers) and items of owner maintenance to mitigate corrosion issues with the drives, along with information to assist.  Yanmar America is an advocate of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and strongly recommends that their standards and guidelines are followed closely when installing a saildrive in a new boat or repowering a boat with a new saildrive. Refer to ABYC Standards – A-28 Galvanic Isolators, E-2 Cathodic Protection and E-11 AC & DC Electrical Systems on Boats for the information that is required to install shore power systems, proper bonding and cathodic protection.
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Models with a Saildrive

  • Oceanis 35
  • Oceanis 38
  • Oceanis 41
  • Oceanis 45
  • Oceanis 48
  • Oceanis 55
  • First 30
  • First 35
  • First 40
  • First 45
  • Sense 43
  • Sense 46
  • Sense 50
  • Sense 55