Nimble, cool and perfectly formed

Good taste, first class naval architecture and excellent construction combined with the resources of the world’s biggest boatbuilder… the results were always going to be hard to beat

Most cruising catamarans are stodgy to sail, but Bénéteau’s new Excess brand aims to bring back the fun. Excess cats are lighter and faster, more nimble and powerful, with a sail area : displacement ratio 10 per cent higher. How much difference does 10 per cent make? We sailed the first two models in Mallorca to find out.

First impressions
Walking along a dock towards an Excess cat, the first thing you’ll notice is the exceptionally tall mast. The Excess 12 has a bridge clearance of 18.3m (59ft 11in), while the Excess 15’s masthead is 27.9m (91ft 6in) above the waterline. And that’s just the standard rig. The sportier Pulse Line rig adds another metre or two.

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