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J/Boats is pleased to announce that J/88 is now available with a new 4.9’ draft keel design.
The 2,200 lb. all-lead keel reduces draft from the standard deep keel by over 1.5 feet while maintaining optimum balance utilizing the standard J/88 sail plan and rudder. Ready for areas like Chesapeake Bay, New Jersey, Great lakes, Charleston, Florida, Gulf Coast and Cape Cod where draft is always a major consideration, this new versatile keel will feature a low VCG to match the stability of the deep keel for all normal sailing angles. Keel bolts are of 316L S J- shape cast directly into the lead. Single point lift hardware will be identical to the standard J/88 for easy club launching of a trailer. Finally, the factory finish will be Interprotect epoxy primer.
You’ll find additional details including a keel profile on the attached drawing. This new option will be offered initially for the J/88 on a no-cost basis (in lieu of the standard keel).
Shoal Draft
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