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Lagoon 440

2009 August 1

A comfortably chic cruising cat capitalizes on easy sail handling

I have always thought of myself as a journalist first and as a boating writer second. So just as a New York Times reporter is required by his professional ethics to disclose to readers that he has a loan from one of the companies mentioned when writing a story about mortgages, I believe I need to follow the same code.

So this is my full disclosure: I love Lagoons. I have sailed them, cruised them and chartered them on several seas and a couple of oceans. I just wanted you to know upfront where I stand when I say that the Lagoon 440 may just be the best Lagoon ever built.

Of course, I say that knowing full well that there is a Lagoon 62 coming down the ways that is likely to push my personal Lagoon bar even higher. But for now, the 440 rings my bell.

I know this because I spent the better part of a day sailing off Fort Lauderdale with Nick Harvey, Lagoon’s representative on this side of the Pond, aboard a pristine new 440 from Hugh Murray’s Catamaran Co., which is the dealer for the southeastern United States.

Blue Water Sailing Boat Reviews

April 16, 2008

Lagoon 440 • One of the most popular cruising cats in the world

If you have ever sailed on a cruising catamaran, the first time may well have been aboard a charter cat in the Caribbean. There is no doubt, cruising cats have come to dominate the charter fleets and for good reason. Cats are easy to handle and amazingly spacious. A 40-foot cat has the living space of a 60-foot monohull and has the added benefit that it does not heel. For novices and old salts alike, a cruising cat has a lot to offer.

Lagoon has become one of the world leaders in cruising cat design and construction, which is not surprising since the company, now based in Bordeaux, France, started life in nearby Nantes as a high-tech custom builder dedicated to building ultra-light, ultra-fast offshore racing machines.

JTA, as the company was then known, built winners of such French classics as the Route du Rhum, TransAt, and many more. One of their boats, christened Pierre 1 by its first skipper Florence Arthaud, became one of the fastest sailing craft of its time. It won the Route du Rhum and then went on, under owner Steve Fossett and renamed Lakota, to break records for passage times all over the world.

That wasn’t a bad thing, because it showed me how easily the swim ladder hinges out of a hidden locker on the transom, and how good the warm freshwater shower feels when you emerge from salt water.

Lagoon 440

SAIL Magazine’s Review

Lagoon 440

Even a short look back in time shows how accustomed we have become to luxury in our boats. We expect beautiful wood joinery, smooth fiberglass work, large electrical systems, sophisticated nav gear, electric winches, effortless sail handling, spacious living areas, and galleys that rival our kitchens at home. The Lagoon 440 has all that, and as the TV ads say,
TOM DOVE SEP 21, 2006

Even a short look back in time shows how accustomed we have become to luxury in our boats. We expect beautiful wood joinery, smooth fiberglass work, large electrical systems, sophisticated nav gear, electric winches, effortless sail handling, spacious living areas, and galleys that rival our kitchens at home. The Lagoon 440 has all that, and as the TV ads say, “But wait. That’s not all.”’s Review

Lagoon 440 Review – Smooth Sailing!

By Daniella Wender – May 14, 2015

A popular charter sailing vessel is the Lagoon 440 catamaran used for small parties or couples. The Lagoon division, part of the Beneteau Group, was originally designed by the nautical architectural team of Vincent Lauriot Prevost and Marc Van Peteghem.

Today, the CNB builders, also of the Beneteau Group, are taking the lead in supplying this beautifully designed and easy to sail catamaran.

The Lagoon 440 is designed to accommodate six guests in the sleeping quarters. The vessel is also equipped with an additional cabin for the crew.

A private bath is included in each of the cabins. Each suites’ bathroom has a nice size shower/faucet, sink with medicine cabinet, vanity, and toilet.

Designed with port holes and top hatch in each cabin allows for the natural flow of air during sailing.

Lagoon 440 Review by S. Weidman III in Multihulls Magazine

Posted on 20 January 2012

An indepth look at this popular cruising catamaran
Lagoon 440 catamaran

Late in 2008 I was contacted by a business colleague and asked if my wife and I would like to join him and his wife aboard a new 2009 Lagoon 440 for a week long charter in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)…

It seemed like a perfect idea ……………except for the BVI part! Having lived in the BVI for some 8 years managing charter fleets of up to 90 yachts, you can probably imagine that I could think of some other exotic location in the world to spend a week of precious vacation time. Boy was I wrong and what a pleasant surprise the trip turned out to be! I have often wondered how many people who live full time in New York City have never been to the top of the Empire State Building and who take their surroundings for granted. Then it suddenly dawned on me that I was one of those people who thought the same of my surroundings when I lived in the BVI. Needless to say, I had forgotten just how great the BVI really is for a sailing vacation. Perfect winds out of the east every day are hard to beat but the star of this great vacation was the boat herself.

Lagoon 440 Review by S. Weidman III in Multihulls Magazine’s Review

Lagoon 440 : the revolution is under way…

Take the flying bridge, which is an innovation on any boat less than 45 ft long. Add a ‘gull’s wing’ shape to the underside of the bridge deck. Mix in enough volume for really comfortable accommodation, a different way of arranging the external living space and decent performance for a cruising boat, and you have the Lagoon 440, a revolution in the small world of cruising multihulls.

Right from the start, the Lagoon 440’s lines struck a familiar chord. The general shape of the hulls and superstructure reminded me of something that I could not quite put my finger on. The 440 undeniably resembles the other boats in the Lagoon range, but there was something else… I was thinking about what it was when a ‘Lagoon Power’ pulled in to tie up behind, and I could see the resemblance straight away. Certainly, the 440’s bows are less flared than on the ‘Power’, and it is above all the cabin roof which is similar, but it probably owes more to the motor boat than to previous sailing boats in the range. When I first discovered the Lagoon Power 43 with its gigantic aft cabin, I commented that the day would come when the accommodation on sailing catamarans would also be fitted out as a ‘suite’; the 440 is not quite there yet, but one day….. Review

Lagoon 440 To Debut At Southampton Boat Show
Ancasta to give first showing of new cruising catamaran

By Staff July 20, 2004

44 feet in length, and with a beam of 25 ft, the Lagoon 440 incorporates the very latest thinking in combining comfort with cruising performance to create a fast yet spacious boat.

The most striking feature is the rigid bimini with its integral flying bridge steering position. This not only gives the helmsman a superb 360° view, but with all sail controls leading back to the single, extra-wide seating position it makes short handed sailing both safe and convenient. By removing the helm from the aft cockpit the raised bridge also dramatically improves the amount of space available to move around the boat. The aft cockpit easily accommodates up to ten guests while a transom crosswalk provides a convenient passageway between the sterns without the need to pass through the cockpit. Towards the bow the forward cockpit remains the ideal position to catch the breeze while under way and the top of the windlass locker forms a convenient table.


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