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Practical Sailor: Hunter 310

This innovative family boat typifies Hunter’s design philosophy with its B&R rig, radar arch, circular cockpit and good value, but owners cite numerous niggling problems.
Hunter Marine is one of the two largest sailboat builders in the US (Hunter claims more dollar volume, Catalina more boats sold). Its beginnings go back to the 1950’s when Henry Luhrs, grandson of a New York city chandler, used his last paycheck as a carpenter to begin building wooden lapstrake sea skiffs in Morgan, New Jersey. Eventually, he sold Luhrs Boat Company to marine conglomerate Bangor Punta and, shortly thereafter, established both of his sons in boatbuilding. John Luhrs bought fledgling Silverton Marine in 1969 and Warren Luhrs founded Hunter Marine in 1972.
Hunter Marine builds cruising and daysailing sailboats from 14′ to 45′. From the beginning it has courted “the broadest possible market.” Its boats have always been at the affordable end of the price scale; some have called them cheaply made. They are also widely known for innovation. Along the way, CEO Luhrs has been at the center of a highly visible racing program. Beginning with the 1980 Observer Single-handed TransAtlantic Race (OSTAR), in which he skippered Tuesday’s Child, Luhrs has sailed where theories meet the waves. Most recently, “test pilot” Steve Pettengill sailed Hunter’s Child to second overall in the 1994-95 BOC Challenge.

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