Graphic weather on your smartphone – help beta test



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Passage Weather is the website cruisers worldwide rely on for accurate weather information while planning off shore passages from on shore. Now they are beta-testing an app for iPhone, Android and various other handheld mobile devices and looking for input. If you have a handheld mobile device, please help Passage Weather with their beta testing.
If you haven’t come across Passage Weather, it’s an easy-to-use free global service that provides distilled yet enhanced and animated grib files along with sea state, visibility, precipitation and several other variables. We found it essential for accurate weather prediction for up to a week in advance.
Whether you’re planning a passage or a day sail, or even just dreaming about it, check it out and help them perfect the mobile app. You?ll be helping us all improve our safety at sea.
Passage Weather a useful addition to any sailor’s armamentarium and now we’ll be able to take it along with us.