EXCESS Challenge and METEO CONSULT Partnership

All skippers in a race will have their own weather router, when the rules of the competition allow it. Weather routing allows skippers to see the best weather windows, as well as the evolution of the weather in order to work out the best strategy to take on their competitors, or to achieve the best time during a record attempt.

To make things as real as possible for the participants in the EXCESS Challenge, the EXCESS brand has created a partnership with METEO CONSULT, the weather forecasting expert. For more than 30 years, METEO CONSULT have been THE meteorologists for all sailors. With in-house IT resources and a team of experienced forecasters, METEO CONSULT develops weather predictions that are accessible from all media: website, Marine Weather apps for smartphones/tablets (iOS & Android) and by phone (number calling from France: 3201). As a trusted partner, METEO CONSULT supports the organizers of some of the biggest races, such as the Route du Rhum, the Solitaire du Figaro, etc. It is the go-to weather source for marinas, yachtsmen and skippers.

With this partnership, EXCESS is offering a detailed and explanatory weather analysis to help the virtual skippers in the EXCESS Challenge make the best decisions to take on the task and break the record! To get the advice of our weather expert, Cyrille Duchesne, follow our Facebook page.

Check out Cyrille Duchesne’s weather forecast now for this week:

A very windy week in the Mediterranean!

The week of March 11th to 17th is beginning with very strong, windy conditions under the influence of a low that is deepening over the Gulf of Genoa. On Monday, the Mistral and Tramontane are blowing very hard from the Golfe du Lion and Provence to Corsica and Sardinia.

Speeds under sail are high, except in the vicinity around the startline, as Barcelona is sheltered from the Tramontane which is blowing a hundred miles further east. On Tuesday, a change is setting in, with the establishment of a moderate south-westerly flow between Barcelona and Menorca, spreading through the day towards Corsica and the Gulf of Genoa. The Mistral and Tramontane are making their comeback in force between Wednesday and Friday. There are a few exceptions to this very dynamic north-western flow that will allow you to sail at good speeds: the zone along the eastern coast of Corsica, as well as the areas close to the start and finish lines.

For next weekend, the episode of the Mistral and Tramontane winds should end with the onset of a moderate south-westerly pattern on Saturday, becoming more sustained on Sunday with an increasingly southerly component.

In short, a very good weather window that should help you reach the top of the ranking!

In these (weather) conditions, may the best sailor win!

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