Have a plan in place and minimize the impact of approaching

By Vincent Daniello / Published: June 4, 2010

I’ve been through more hurricanes than I care to count; even one at sea.
Through all, and with input from other well-weathered sources, I’ve come to
realize three things: First, all storms need to be given the same weight. The
“little” ones can carry an unexpected wallop. Second, hurricane preparation must
be organized in advance, so it’s simple and quick. There are more important
considerations, like family, when a storm threatens. And third, local
topography, marina construction, and just plain luck all affect storm
survivability, and can work to your advantage.

With Hurricane Irene heading up the East Coast, the Private
Client Group of Chartis provides some helpful hurricane preparedness tips for
yacht owners
By Chartis / Published: August 24, 2011
Before outlining a storm plan for your yacht, consider whether your boat
will be hauled, secured in a marina or private berth, or moved to a safe
predetermined location. Consider the following tips when creating your plan.
Well in advance of hurricane season:
• If  using a trailer, ensure that both your trailer and towing vehicle are in good
operating condition. Fix flat tires, faulty brake lights, etc.
• Identify a safe, accessible destination, preferably in a hurricane-proof storage facility
or garage. If possible, negotiate a storage contract in advance.
• If you cannot use a trailer, negotiate contractually for a boatyard haul-out at a
facility equipped to accommodate your boat and not endangered by a storm surge.
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