Beneteau is one to think out of the box, the norm is not satisfactory.  The boat in the picture is the Beneteau Sense 43 and Beneteau will be offering this rig option in the future.

Winging It

Posted by Peter Nielsen  February 17, 2014

Wingsail tech is going mainstream
Trickle-down economics might not have worked out so well for most of us, but the technological trickle-down from the most recent America’s Cup seems to be falling on fertile ground. First there was what you might describe as the legitimization of foiling; the idea that a boat can rise above the waves and proceed at thrice true windspeed is no longer the province of the sort of wild-eyed evangelistic character you wouldn’t want next to you on the subway. Production-built foiling catamarans are already available. There’s plenty of experimentation going on with foiling monohulls too.

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