No matter what your destination, the Oceanis 400 will take you there in safety, comfort and luxury. Jean Marie Finot designed this second generation Oceanis to provide her owners with plenty of cruising performance and comfort, blended with safety and true ease of handling. This is the way that your cruising should be done; with a confidence and a peace of mind that allow you to relax and to enjoy. So live life to the fullest onboard the Oceanis 400 — where everything is designed to make your days on the water as pleasant as we can make them.

Oceanis 400 drawing on

Beneteau 400


Hull Type:  Fin w/bulb & spade rudder Rig Type:  Masthead Sloop
LOA:  40.00′ / 12.19m LWL:  35.42′ / 10.80m
Beam:  12.83′ / 3.91m Listed SA:  652 ft2 / 60.57 m2
Draft (max.)  5.42′ / 1.65m Draft (min.)  
Disp.  19183 lbs./ 8701 kgs. Ballast:  5292 lbs. / 2400 kgs.
SA/Disp.:  14.61 Bal./Disp.:  27.58% Disp./Len.:  192.72
Designer:  Group Finot
Builder:  Beneteau
Construct.:  FG Bal. type:  
First Built:  1991 Last Built:  1997 # Built:  430
AUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.)
Make:  Yanmar Model:  4JH2E
Type:  Diesel HP:  44
Water:  140 gals. / 530 ltrs. Fuel:  40 gals. / 151 ltrs.
I:  48.16′ / 14.68m J:  13.42′ / 4.09m
P:  42.25′ / 12.88m E:  15.58′ / 4.75m
PY:   EY:  
SPL:   ISP:  
SA(Fore.):  323.15 ft2 / 30.02 m2 SA(Main):  329.13 ft2 / 30.58 m2
Total(calc.)SA:   652.28 ft2 / 60.60 m2 DL ratio:  192.72
SA/Disp:  14.62 Est. Forestay Len.:  49.99′ / 15.24m
Mast Height from DWL:  53.00′ / 16.15m
BUILDERS (past & present)
More about & boats built by:   Beneteau
More about & boats designed by:   Jean Marie Finot (Groupe Finot)

Built in Marion, SC from 1992-1997.  The Beneteau 400 and 411 share the same hull and a very similar interior.

Perry Design Review: Beneteau Oceanis 400

Bright ideas in a stylish cruiser

Beneteau had a wonderful display at the Seattle Sail Expo. It was, in fact, a portion of their European display and included enough bells and whistles to be a real showpiece. Each boat was lit from underneath and entered by an elevated catwalk. This was the way a show should be, i.e. a show. There was even an indoor pond with wind generators and dinghies you could test. To make folks from Seattle feel at home, they had imported an espresso cart.
I was scheduled to review a different boat, but this particular Beneteau was so impressive that I changed my mind. Designed by Jean-Marie Finot, the Oceanis 400 is Beneteau’s performance cruiser, and it follows the success of the Oceanis 40 and 510. The 400 is a handsome boat with beautifully-executed deck tooling.
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